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Truth prevails the tides of time & transcendent resilience from songsters like the meritorius Tomy Gunn who stirs the bounty with a treasure trove of earthy musical artistry. It's about time you see & hear his music!

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  Islandelights Records Hawaii, USA Islandelights Music    island rock pop reggae-funk artist, Tomy Gunn

Vet Island & world music artist Tomy Gunn plays his spacial blend of rock-pop, alt-rock & Island rock-reggae
a little bit of heaven by the sea 'Le`a ka pu`uwai i ke kani ka pila'. (Joyous is the heart at the sound of music)

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Tomy Gunn's, Magic Of The Moment Watch the new HD music video "DO WE GOT IT GOIN ON' on Youtube, from the HOT SUMMER NIGHTS CD release meet artist singer-songwriter, Tomy Gunn 


TOMY GUNN sharing his own style of new alt rock-pop bringing you gregarious tidings of life's passion!

Just after this album was originally released Tomy was in a serious vehicle accident in 2014 requiring long recovery.

Now after five years, Tomy and his Hot Summer Nights & Native Son projects is back at it!

Hot Summer Nights CD release

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 Preview Cards Of Our Lives Islandelights Records distributed by CD Baby Music Store 

    Here today gone to Maui
Do We Got It Goin On

HD Music Video
HD movie Alex the Alleycat - aka: ALEX IN WONDERLAND soundtrack w unreleased music on the NATIVE SON limited edition only on bandcamp

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Tomy Gunn artist page on Reverbnation Experience the celestial spheres of Tomy Gunn's eclectic island & world rock music inspired by sunny days & starry nights

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the classic Shadawmon Siam Escapeartist world rock CD
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Siam Escapeartist physical CD   mello to fiery rock'n island grooves to world trance fusion moods 

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Siam Escapeartist physical CD also available on    Since the debut of the Siam Escapeartist CD, the music community has become a little more familiar with the unique blend of indie rock and east west island sounds from this eclectic rock fusion singer guitarist. The sound is earthy to spatial, mellow to fiery - songs & meditative trance grooves

From the inner circles of distant islands is the elusive drifter balladeer embraced by audiences as an emerging bounty of the times.
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founder shadawmon ~ dao boyz       Island jams | rock & reggae-pop


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Tomy Gunn's HOT SUMMER NIGHTS CD coming to iTunes Amazon, Bandcamp. 

   Tomy Gunn aspiring artist in 1957  

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Islandelights Music - rock, reggae, pop, island jamz 

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 Life's good - stop & smell the cool island breeze 

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Hot Summer Nights
Islandelights Official Site of Tomy Gunn

As a vet artist, writer, producer, I personally believe there's a real BIG problem for all of us composers, producers, indie bands & creative music artists now and for future generations as these multi-billion dollar corporate streaming sites move away from selling our music to selling their streaming music services and NOT paying us a fair share of the subscription proceeds.

It literally amounts to billions of dollars per month & Spotify & Google are now at the top of the list of artist rip-offs in my humble opinion! I've considered taking the advice of the CD-Baby digital music licensing company and initiate a Petition to Congress to try to get them to update the internet music use laws so artists can be paid a fair share of the music streaming revenues pie, but I must admit - I have little to no faith in the US Congress doing anything for anyone anytime soon. I, like millions of others are disappointed with their performance over this past two decades or more - so I recently took a clip from one of my songs titled LIES and made a video spoof dedicated to a few of the more prominent political liars who are being paid to represent the American people - but are apparently only interested in their inharmonious political control hence dividing the country. As far as the music artists and bands are concerned - they just want the percieved exposure - so many thousand pay the $10 a month subscription fee to be on web sites like Spotify. My music is there as well but I refuse to pay these corporate bloodsuckers to go on their site.


TOMY GUNN HOT SUMMER NIGHTS Islandelights Official Site of Tomy Gunn

SHADAWMON - SIAM ESCAPEARTIST Siam Escapeartist physical CD

Physical music sales have plummeted, but that doesn't mean that people have stopped listening to their favorite tunes. Thanks to streaming music, people are listening as much as ever in their homes, offices, or any other location where their devices can connect to the internet. Unfortunately, all isn't swell in this musical wild, wild west. Thanks to - you guessed it - MONEY, some platforms have either gained or lost content. For example, Taylor Swift, Prince, and other artists have seen their catalogs vanish from streaming platforms (and later reappear) due to low royalties. The issue of artist compensation has always dogged the recording industry, and it hasn't disappeared with the advent of streaming music - quite the contrary, in fact.

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